Do You Move When God Calls You?

I’m posting a link to a video about a beautiful moment that transpired between two strangers, all because one obeyed God’s calling, and the other dropped all pretenses and was honest with someone she didn’t know. Please watch it before reading, otherwise this blog won’t make any sense. You can watch it here!

This beautiful child of God, Amanda Riggan, encountered the Holy Spirit during her work day. Amanda works for FedEx. She was driving along her route when she came to a womans house. As she stopped to drop her packages off the woman was already outside checking her mail. Amanda helped the woman carry her packages to her door. She asked the woman how her holiday was. The woman had tears in her eyes and said, her holiday was not good, because her husband is dying and has cancer.

We’ve all been there, maybe not in the exact situation, but we’ve all been on the receiving end of a conversation where you were being polite to a stranger, just making small talk, and then someone tells you something personal that is upsetting. Like a family member dying, or terrible news they received about someone they love, maybe loss of a job, divorce, or maybe they’re just having a crappy day. Our first instinct is usually to recoil. I know mine is! I always think woah. You’re sharing too much! I don’t know you, I mean that sucks, but it’s just awkward for someone to tell you something so personal when you don’t know them from Adam. I’m also gonna be brutally honest here and say I don’t really care. I’ve got my own life and my own problems. If I don’t know you I don’t want to know anything about you. I don’t want to have small talk in the cereal aisle with you.

That is also wrong. It shows how incredibly selfish and uncompassionate I can be. How we can all be. How can we expect God to use us if we are not allowing room for him to move through us?

I know we are raised in a society that says it’s bad manners to overshare with a stranger. Don’t get me wrong, depending on the situation it absolutely can be weird to overshare with the checkout lady at Walmart. We are also raised in a society that tells us it’s weak to be vulnerable. The message to everyone is, I’m good. My day is good. Everything is fine. My life is great. It was okay. I’m okay.

Think about the last time someone, an acquaintance, or a stranger asked you how your day was and in truth your day was terrible, what did you say?

Now think bout the last time you asked someone how they’re day was, a stranger or an acquaintance, did you even stop to listen to their reply?

When a complete stranger shares something tragic with you, it’s really not about you. It’s about them. They’re in so much pain, that sometimes boundaries cease to exist. They just want to be heard. They’re so tired of all the lies and fake smiles and empty gestures of fake politeness that they’re just honest about what’s happening in their lives.

That’s an invitation to shine the light of Jesus in someone’s life. Amanda did just that. She felt God tugging at her, beckoning her back to that broken woman and something beautiful that got to give Glory to God happened. Amanda moved when God asked her too.

I’m not saying everytime time someone over shares to stop and be there for them, but I am saying give room for God to move in your life so you can hear when he asks you to move! We are called to be the salt and light of the earth!

If we are so busy going about our daily lives that we don’t have time to slow down for the Holy Spirit, then what’s the point of pursuing a relationship with God? You’re not really pursuing Jesus, your pursuing your own plan. You are your God.

We pray and ask God to use us. God tries to use us all the time. We are just usually to preoccupied with our lives we don’t hear the spirit moving us. God speaks to us in a still small voice. His commands and guidance are simple. We overcomplicate it.

So the next time you’re going about your day and you feel that tugging at your heart stop and listen. Allow God to move in your life and he’ll help you move mountains not only in your own life, but in someone else’s.

That woman Amanda prayed with broke down in tears and hugged her hard. She needed that. She needed a friend. She needed God to move in her life and God used a complete stranger to do it. He sent that woman a complete stranger to let her know he was there. He brought her comfort through someone she least expected.

A beautiful moment like that was able to happen, because Amanda was willing to stop and obey God’s calling. Not only did it effect that woman’s day, it brought profound joy to Amanda.

Slow down and let God in. It’s that simple.

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